Jennifer Hall

JH WoKJennifer will join the Work on Demand team in October 2018. She has degrees from the University of East Anglia (LLB Honours, first class) and Leeds University (Masters in Human Resource Management) gaining an Economic and Social Research Council studentship for the latter course of study.  She has a long-standing interest in labour law and policy, and has been employed inter alia as a Project Worker for the Department of Trade and Industry, where she was part of the team responsible for implementation of the Fixed Term Worker Directive 99/70/EC, and as a lecturer for the Open University.

Jennifer’s doctoral research focuses on international and UK law relating to the working relationships of live-in domestic workers in private households. Using doctrinal analysis and conducting  semi-structured interviews with governmental and non-governmental agencies, live-in domestic workers and private households, she seeks to examine the live-in domestic worker’s employment status, substantive rights and responsibilities, access to justice issues and whether there are particular vulnerabilities that require additional protection. The extent to which live-in workers have a collective voice will also be explored, as will the role of recruiting agencies and associations.  Jennifer also intends to explore the extent to which private households have specific needs as employers.

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