Megan Dyer

Megan D. Picture CropedPrior to embarking as a PhD student on the WorkOD research project, I have studied both as an undergraduate and postgraduate at the University of Glasgow. I graduated with a 2:1 Honours degree in Law (L.L.B.) in 2017 and will complete my Masters in Research (MRes) in Law in August 2018. My chosen courses have been typically entrenched in legal theory and the economy and include Law and the Political Economy, Legal Theory, International Financial Regulation, Law, Justice and Morality and Advanced Legal Methods (Traditions of Legal Enquiry and Jurisprudence of Concepts).

My research proposal looks at the relationship between financial and labour markets and law and the logics markets employ when coordinating labour needs. With societal sub-systems becoming increasingly compliant with the profit motive of financial markets, it aims to determine the ability of law to identify financial market pathologies and prevent their resurfacing in labour markets and law. This will contribute to the WorkOD project’s objective to establish a new methodology for the study of work contracts by ascertaining a purchase point for normative arguments regarding workers’ interests as against the functional dynamics they are often submitted to.

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