Glasgow University study aims to shape future of UK labour law
Article in The Herald, published 27th September 2017

Ruth Dukes UoGTAXI-booking app Uber is rarely out of the headlines, with a 2016 Employment Tribunal case in which the company lost the right to class its drivers as self-employed one of the most well-known labour law decisions of recent times.
The firm is seeking to overturn that ruling in the Employment Appeal Tribunal, with a hearing set to get under way today. It is perhaps no surprise, then, that the case has come to symbolize all that is wrong with the so-called gig economy, which blurs the lines between the employed and the self-employed and erodes workers’ rights in the process. (…)

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The Labour Constitution: the Enduring Idea of Labour Law 
Volume 9, Issue 2 of Jurisprudence 

The Labour Constitution - HardCoverA book symposium on Ruth Dukes’ 2014 monograph, The Labour Constitution: the Enduring Idea of Labour Law has been published in the journal, Jurisprudence. The symposium includes contributions from Karl Klare, Judy Fudge, Michael Fischl, Emilios Christodoulidis, Guy Mundlak and Ruth Dukes. These contributions were first presented at the LLRN2 Conference in Amsterdam in 2015, and are published now to mark the new paperback edition of the book (December 2017). Thanks are owed to Diamond Ashiagbor for compiling the collection.

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Labour Laws and Labour Markets: New Methodologies 
Volume 27, Issue 4 of Social & Legal studies

Social & Legal Studies Journal A special issue of Social & Legal Studies has been published on the topic Labour Laws and Labour Markets: New Methodologies. The special issue includes contributions from Judy Fudge, Diamond Ashiagbor, Simon Deakin, Shelley Marshall, Jenny Julen Votinius, and Robert Knegt, as well as an editor’s introduction by Ruth Dukes. The papers are the result of a collaborative research project carried out between 2015 and 2017, with funding from the Adam Smith Research Foundation and John Robertson Bequest. They were first presented at the University of Glasgow in November 2016.

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