Sabine Frerichs

S.F. WorkODSabine Frerichs joined the WU in March 2016 as Professor of Economic Sociology. She was Assistant Professor at the Law School of the University of Helsinki (Finland) before, where she is still leading a research project on the moral economy of debt in Europe. She studied sociology, economics and political science at the University of Trier and earned her doctorate at an interdisciplinary research training school at the University of Bamberg (both in Germany), where she also received her professoral qualification in sociology later on (habilitation). Her research focuses on problems at the intersection of law, economy and society. In her work, she draws on sociological theory, comparative macrosociology, economic and legal sociology as well as the sociology of European and global integration. Economic sociology is to her an invitation to accompany, complement and criticise developments in the neighbouring discipline of economics, including its neoclassical core as well as its revisions in institutional, behavioural and neuro-economics. She is happy to supervise Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD theses that include a sociological or social-scientific perspective on the law or the economy.

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