Emilios Christodoulidis

E.C. WorkODEmilios Christodoulidis holds the Chair of Jurisprudence at the School of Law of the University of Glasgow. He is also Docent of the University of Helsinki. He is author of many articles on constitutional theory, democratic theory, critical legal theory, and transitional justice, and his book Law and Reflexive Politics won the European Award for Legal Theory in 1996 and the 1998 Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) Prize for ‘Outstanding Legal Scholarship’; it was also translated and published in Japan. He is editor of the ‘Critical Studies in Jurisprudence’ series (Routledge), and is on the editorial board of Social & Legal Studies and Law & Critique. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the IVR (International Association for Legal and Social Philosophy). His work has appeared in English, Greek, French, Japanese and Spanish.

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