Ruth Dukes, ‘Regulating Gigs’, Modern Law Review 2020, Vol.83(1) 217-228


Ruth Dukes, The Economic Sociology of Labour Law’, Journal of Law and Society 2019, Vol.46(3) 396-422

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Ruth Dukes, ‘The Labour Constitution: The Enduring Idea of Labour Law (Oxford University Press 2014)’, new paperback edition December 2017


Ruth Dukes, ‘From the Labour Constitution to an Economic Sociology of Labour Law’,  Jurisprudence 2018, Vol.9(2) 418-423


Ruth Dukes, ‘Introduction to Special Issue, Labour Laws and Labour Markets: New Methodologies’, Social & Legal Studies 2018, Vol.27(4) 407-413


Ruth Dukes, ‘Insiders, Outsiders and Conflicts of Interest’ in Diamond Ashiagbor, (ed) Re-Imagining Labour Law for Development: Informal Work in the Global North and South. (Hart 2018)



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